Friday 22 August 2008

Day 3 - Shopping Shibuya Style

Shibuya is one of the 23 wards of Tokyo which has grown into a mecca for the youth and shopping. It's a non-stop party town within the Eastern part of the city. It was our shopping destination for day 3. The main pedestrian crossing consisting of many zebra crossings is one of the famed sights of the city and is a must see sight. 100's of Japanese wait in line only to spill out to onto the road once ever two minutes taking up all available space. It's something else.

Some 7 or so roads led off the central point, each with impressive department stores, noodle shops or gaming points; pachinko parlors are everywhere, noisy places full of locals inserting small metal balls into a game of luck, the only prize more ball-bearings! It's illegal to gamble for money here apparently. The music industry is well and truly still alive, the HMV store is some 6 stories high! Tokyos Apple store is also located here! We spent some 8 hours in the area and didn't even cover it all. We will have to return.

We braved a local noodle bar for lunch - we where so proud of ourselves. Inside they cook and prepare fresh noodle soups while patrons sit around the cooking point in a circle bar set up. You place your order outside at a vending machine, pay and move inside to await your food. We didn't know what we'd ordered, but the unknown meat dish was very tasty!

After some rest back at the hotel, we ventured out at 2am to a local Irish bar, which happened to be back in Rappongi! More dodging women pushing themselves at us! Makes a change!

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