Sunday 24 August 2008

Day 5 - Shinjuku

Getting a taste of what this district had to offer us we headed back today. Starting off in West Shinjuku and the skyscraper district our travels then took us east into the more retail focus neon jungle!

It rained again today; locals appear to favour transparent umbrellas, it's comical watching them in their 100's cross roads in mass with their identical umbrellas. We've also observed that they queue in ordered lines at train stations, lining up behind markers indicating where the train doors will open, somehow I can not imagine that on the DART in Dublin.

We ate Thai in the Lumine shopping centre which spans over and under the massive Shinjuku train station. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in the Times Square shopping centre, a 14 store mini city. Shopping centres are really something else here.

That evening we returned back to the Shunjuku area via metro and JR and drank/ate in an English pub, The hub where we witnessed a traditional birthday party where the cake is thrown into the persons face. They all appeared to love it! Drinks followined in Arty Farty and The Annex. Bed before 3am! WOW, an early night for us!


pog mo thoin said...

How is the Japanese take on Thai food? Is it like the western version?

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Tokyo! It's a nice city, my boyfriend is in Tokyo too :-)

Unknown said...

Nope, the thai food was rather different. Vinnie got yellow chicken curry, was one of only two chichen dishes, skin in all was left on the bone. No clean breast here!