Saturday 30 August 2008

Day 11 - Osaka

As we picked Osaka as our base for touring this part of Japan, we only gave ourselves this morning to see Osaka in daylight. We organised extended checkout for 2pm to catch our train back to Tokyo at 4.

Vinnie and I where both shocked and amazed by the quality of the service in the hotel, which really can be extended out to Japan as a whole. Our bell-lady retrieved our bags, pulled them out to the taxi, helped load the car, opened the door of the cab, held her hand over the roof as we climbed in, then as the door shut she bowed and remained still to bow once again when we had finally pulled out. All of this service for no tip, they don't except and are insulted if you tip. Us Westerners have alot to learn about customer service from Japan.

Our three hour bullet train pulled into Tokyo just after 7pm. It was lashing. There have been massive storms in Japan these past two weeks, majorly affecting central regions. This evening we drank in The Dubliners in Shunjinku (avoid) and back to Arty Farty to dance the night away until 5am!

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