Saturday 23 August 2008

Day 4 - Ginza

Central Tokyo and it's 5th avenue styled Ginza area was our destination for day 4. We kicked off the day rather late, not leaving the hotel until after 3pm! We really should get into a better daily routine as so far we've being going to bed at 5am and getting up after noon. Well it's working for us and this city really doesn't sleep.

It rained today but we still put on our shorts and sandals and hit the metro after picking up our morning/afternoon coffee at the local Starbucks beside our hotel.

Ginza is another shopping mecca - this city really knows how to shop, it has all the stores you'd expect to find on 5th avenue and more. Like most Tokyo hubs, the sides of buildings are decorated with rising columns of light and sound, some with TVs, other neon. Most of the designer stores try to make their mark with competing store fronts.

We visited one department store with a golf driving range on the roof! Crazy! The iconic Sony showrooms is also situated here with 7 floors of goodness and technology at least 2 years ahead of the western world. The worlds flattest TV technology was on show, organic LEDs, and wow, they are flat.

That evening we jumped into a taxi (we missed the last metro!) and headed up to the Shinjuku area where we have to return during the day. This is the Tokyo you see on TV with neon everywhere and more importantly another shopping hub. Our intention was pub and clubbing and was satisified. Dragon Bar and Arty Farty where our destinations. I managed to sample mint beer too! We retired for bed around 4:30, not before hitting the supermarket close by for late night nibbles.

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Organic LED's?.... sounds interesting! x Guy